Hack Day

Last week we held our regular hack day where we took 2 days off our normal schedule to work on anything we please. It was held at our office in Collingwood along with our co-located company SitePoint.

Kicking off on Thursday morning we heard several...

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Elixir Meetup - May 2016

Flippa recently decided to sponsor the monthly Elixir meetup here in Melbourne. We think it's important to be active in the developer community - also beer, pizza and tech talks are such a good way to end the day!

We don't yet use Elixir in production...

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Postmortem - Search Outage

Last Tuesday we experienced an outage that affected all search backed functionality, meaning that marketplace search, domain portfolios, and the domain sales page were unavailable.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this caused. Here we...

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Continuous Learning at Flippa

At Flippa everyone has an hour a week, every week, to study.

What and when you study is totally up to you - go experiment with a new language, read a few articles that you've been wanting to but just haven't had the time for, watch a conference talk...

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